Sunday, August 4, 2013

Newaygo County Sportsman's Club Car Show Part Two

Here are some more pictures from the car show at the Newaygo County Sportsman's Club Car Show.

I think everyone had a great time and should be proud of the work that was done to make this year's event a real success. Next year, let's hope the weather forecast is brighter and more sun is predicted!!

This is a 1936 Chevy Pick-up belonging to Dick. He did a great job restoring this to almost new condition! An outstanding looking Chevy, for sure!

1956 Ford T-Bird. I loved the set up with this car! It looks like he was cruising and went to the local drive-in to have a dog and root beer. Very sharp car and great display. This car is all original, and was brought to us by Les and Marge Simcox.

Ralph from Newaygo drove this 1930 Ford Model "A" Pick-up
to the show. This is an original truck, not restored. What barn did you find this in, Ralph?

Dodge Dart Swinger from 1970. Nice sounding engine! This car is a modified classic and is very straight. I enjoyed the sound as it drove in and I imagine everyone else did, too. This was driven in from Howard City by Rick. It has a 440 engine and I believe the sign said it had 727 horsepower! No wonder it sounded so good!

Edwin drove this classic 1972 Chevy pickup to the show today. It has the original interior and the miles on the odometer are correct. I didn't see the amount of miles, but I would guess it wasn't too many. Very clean, very straight truck.

Newaygo County Sheriff's Department brought in the D.A.R.E. car to show. It hasn't been totally set up yet, but one can tell it will be a real traffic stopper when completed! Our thanks to them for taking the time to participate and send an officer to tell us all about it.

Hey, Butch! What a great Caddy! This Cadillac is a 1939 and lives right here in Newaygo! Very sharp car! I really enjoyed the colors and style of this classic Caddy! Thanks for driving it today, Butch!

Another Newaygo favorite, a 1953 Chevrolet Bel-Air brought to you by Sam. I would love to take this car for a drive! I remember them so well from my childhood! Thanks, Sam!

A 1970 Monte Carlo, made by Chevrolet. It states it is a "modified" edition. It was driven by Sheryl from Fremont. A really nice ride, Sheryl!

1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, listed as "under construction." Looks mighty fine to me! I really think the Monte Carlo was one of the ignored cars of the 70's and 80's. I am glad to see so many here today and hope they continue to grow in popularity. Good job, Josh from Pierson!

Here is another Bel-Air, a 1954 in white. Lynnie drove it in from the city and calls it a classic modified. Very nice wheels, nice chrome, too! Thanks, Lynnie!

April drove her 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix to the show today. She is from right here in Croton Township! She has hers listed as a Classic Modified. Thanks for coming, April!

I have always thought that Dodge had a winner with this truck. It is an original, 1979 with only 57k on the odometer. Jim drove it in from Canadian Lakes. Thanks for risking the rain, but you did well! Love the truck!

This truck was restored by Mark and he did a very nice job. This is a 1962 Chevy. Mark lists it as Modified.

Ed drove in in his 1931 Chevy, all original. Well, almost! He came in from White Cloud to show us his car.

This is a 1967 Pontiac GTO brought to you by an un-named person! He lives in Croton.

1980 Chevrolet Malibu. Bill lives just up the road here in Croton/Hardy. This was an AWESOME sounding car! Lots of HP, great looks. Good job, Bill!!

Chrysler Charger, 1971, drove here by Gordon. This is an "under construction" car. Thanks for showing us how far you have come, Gordon!

Sorry, folks! Don't have any info on this great looking ride. I can't read the label on the front window! Anyway, our thanks to the owner for bringing it in today. If you have some info on this car, click "comments" below or email me and let me know what you know!

These are the judges. Tallying up the points on each car to see who wins the trophies. Our thanks to this impartial crew and the job they did. Great work!

We had some raffles! This Fire Chief car was donated so we could raffle it off. What a sweet ride. I doubt if I could have fit into it, though! Congrats to the winner!

Our people, hard at work!

The trophy table. Lots of trophies to give away!

This is our President, Dave, giving an award to the winner of best in show. Mr. Peterson had that beautiful Pontiac Sky Chief! What a marvelous automobile!

Following are pictures of SOME of the winners of a trophy. I am sorry I don't have the winner's names or the cars they brought. There are more pictures of winners in the photo album at the club. Stop in and see!

This is a picture I really didn't want to post! I bet Frank that we would have a certain number of cars show up for the event. Unfortunately (due to weather conditions!) I lost. So I paid Frank his beer. Oh, well, there is always next year!

Again, I want to thank all who participated in this years Car Show and Swap Meet. Each member did an awesome job keeping things under control and taking care of everyone. I had a great time and look forward to the next show, probably June 1st, 2014.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Newaygo County Sportsman's Club Car Show 2013 Pictures

Excuse me for being so slow in getting this post done!! So much to do this summer and the time has just flown by. So here we go!

The Newaygo Sportman's Club Car Show is over and, due to the un-promising weather predictions, our turn out was less than I had estimated. But it was still a great show! Some good looking, can I say "maavelous," cars showed up! The food was great-(thanks to the ladies in the Auxiliary) and cheap, too! Everyone did a great job parking the cars, selling the raffle tickets, signing up the show car people and keeping things in order.

My personal thanks to all the members who made this show a fun day. The weather might have been cloudy, but the spirits were blue skies all the way!

I will show the cars, make a few comments and present the show over the next couple of posts. Just too many pictures for one post!!

This very sharp '55 Pontiac Sky Chief  was brought to us by Ray. He has one more of these fully restored at home and another one under restoration. Three great, rare, cars!! Thanks, Ray, for showing this car off to us!! Just beautiful. An award winner, for sure!

This very nice 1978 Chevrolet Corvette is driven by one of our members, Jo. She is a real trooper!! She loves this car and is proud to drive it to our show today!

This sharp 1962 Jeep CJ5 (Kaiser Willy's) was driven in by our esteem leader (of the Car Show) Frank. Frank wants to sell this VERY nice Jeep! Can you believe this!! Interested? Contact the club and someone will contact you!

An award winner if I've ever seen one! Better than new, this 1946 (the year I was born!) Harley was driven in by Ralph. Nice bike, Ralphy!!

Another great bike, also a Harley, and was built in 1937. Ray drove it in. Again, so clean, so sharp, must have been an award winner! (See all the winners coming up) Thanks, Ray.
The last bike we had participate was very unusual. Built by the owner, it is a very unusual VW Trike. Sorry, I couldn't read the owner's name on the card. Write me if you know and I will add it to the picture!

 A 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I still remember when they came out. I just LOVED the Monte! Still do. Thanks to Sheryl, who drove it to the show. She came in from Fremont.

 This jacked up high-rise was driven in by Lonnie. I think a lot of work went into this "under construction" vehicle. This is a 1974 Dodge Cornet wagon on a 1976 3/4 ton chassis. Where does that Chevy emblem fit in!?

 A VERY sharp 1934 Ford Coupe Street Rod, driven by Bill. Came in from Walker, Mi. I bet he won the "most miles driven" trophy! This is a great show car, enjoyed by all!!

If you have read enough articles on Mike's Show-N-Shine, you know my love for Studebakers. This nice 1960 Studebaker Lark does not fail to make my heart jump! Dale brought this in from Holton. Dale is a member of the River Valley Cruisers here in Newaygo. I wish the weather had been better so we could have had more of the River Valley guys and gals here. They are a great group!

 Who is this guy?? Why is he here?? Well, without "this guy," the show wouldn't have been. This is Frank. He worked OH! so many hours to make sure this was a success!! Our THANKS to Frank. You are a good man, I don't care what Denny says!!

 We also had the help of a couple of "good neighbors." These were members of a local bike club and, I believe, are responsible for most of the bikes here today. They had some cool patches to sell for your biker jacket. Our thanks to them for coming and setting up their display!

In the Croton area, is a very, very old church. Croton Trinity Bible Church to be exact. They came to show us some information about their church, one of the oldest in the Newaygo area. Thanks to them!!

I promise!! I will get the next post up and running in a few days! Lots more pictures to publish!!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Newaygo County Sportsman's Club Car Show and Swap Meet, Saturday



Wow! Can you believe it? Time has just flown by and it will be time for the Newaygo County Sportsman's Club Car Show and Swap Meet! Saturday, June 1st we will meet at the club and watch over a hundred cars, trucks and motorcycles file into the parking lot.

Let's make sure you know how to get there! Anyone coming from G.R., take 131 to the Newaygo Exit and go West (left) about 6.5 miles to Elm St. Turn right and follow the signs. From Muskegon, take M-46 east to M-37, go left about 10 miles to M-82. Turn right about 7 miles to Elm. Turn left and follow the signs.
From other points south of Newaygo, follow your GPS!! From Fremont or anywhere west of here, just get to the M-82 and M-37 intersection in Newaygo and go east to Elm. Remember, all, Elm takes you to Croton Hardy dams!!

Have a great ride. Make sure you let us know how far you have driven. An award will be given to the car that drove, (note: drove) the farthest!

Again, here is the flyer.


                                                     2nd Annual
                                                 CLASSIC CAR SHOW
                                          SWAP MEET 

                                                 Saturday! June 1st, 2013

                               Location- Newaygo County Sportsman's CIub
                                     7951 Elm Avenue, Newaygo, 49337


                                   D.A.R.E. Car Will Be On Display
                                   (1988 and OLDER)
                             Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
                Registration Starts at 9 am - $10.00 Entry Fee
                          Early Registration Fee $8.00
                            Swap Meet Space $10.00
                      Tables to Rent Available $10.00
                       Truck With Tandem Axle $5.00
                                               11 Classes:
                     Classic Original                          Classic Modified
                     Street Rod                                 Truck-OriginaI
                     Truck-Modified                           Truck 4X4 Original
                     Truck 4x4 Modified                     Under Construction
                     Motor Cycle-Original                  Motorcycle Modified
                     Sports Car                                 Foreign
                     Best of Show                             Runner Up

                            Judged Show!
                        Trophies Awarded!
                       Car Clubs Welcome!

                                         Door Prizes! 50/50 Drawings!
                                         Lunch Available for Purchase!

                            NOTICE: No Dogs or Bicycles Allowed In Show Area
                                                  More Information at:
                                                Frank at  231.689.2187
                                                Denny at 231.856.4369

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